Apollo Archive

Posted by Kirk on 04 Mar 2019

There is a fantastic collection of original images of the the Apollo program. The name of the the site is The Project Apollo Archive and I encourage you comb through it’s contents. It is definitely not the easiest site to navigate and there are no options to download a collection of images for off-line viewing. Never the less it is well worth a look and I’ve included a few images in this post to whet your appetite, Enjoy!

Apollo 11 liftoff as viewed from the launch tower. Image Credit: NASA

“Buzz” Aldrin salutes U.S. Flag. Image Credit: NASA

“Buzz” Aldrin’s boot print in the lunar soil. Image Credit: NASA

“Buzz” Aldrin poses for a portrait with Neil Armstrong’s reflection in his visor. Image Credit: NASA

Orbital view of Sabine and Ritter craters. Image Credit: NASA

Earthrise sequence - Earth rises over lunar horizon. Image Credit: NASA

View of Daedalus crater from lunar orbit. Image Credit: NASA

The Lunar Module approaches the Command / Service Module for docking with Earthrise in the background. Image Credit: NASA